Service for Quilters

Or a fine example of how to retain your customers

A while back, I ordered a Grace quilting frame. One of the few (only?) suppliers in Europe,, is based in Birmingham, so the frame had to be shipped from the UK to Switzerland and go through customs. The supplier made an error on the customs form which meant I ended up paying more in duties than I should have. I told the supplier, they apologized and helped me get the difference back from Swiss customs. And a few days later, they sent me this:

A beautiful selection of "King Tut" cotton thread neutrals from Superior Threads!! I LOVE Superior Threads and use their "So Fine" thread for quilting, so I was all the more delighted to get this little gift. It was a bit of a pain having to deal with Swiss customs for a refund and it would have been easier for all involved if the mistake had not been made in the first place. But because of the service and support I received from the supplier, I would definitely buy from Cottonpatch again.