The Queen of Fabric Person

Yesterday, I left S and the kids with granny and hopped on a train to Birmingham for some very special "me time", namely a visit to the Festival of Quilts. 

I had a great time and will post more about it in the next few days, but the biggest highlight was meeting Amy Butler.

Amy Butler, Festival of Quilts 2014

Amy Butler, Festival of Quilts 2014

Amy was there with the fabric company, Rowan, promoting her new collection, Glow. She took the time to answer my questions and talk a little about quilting. 

I have to admit, I actually avoided her fabrics for some time, as a kind of minor act of rebellion ("I am NOT using the fabric just because everyone else raves about it!!"), but I found myself choosing more and more of her fabrics when ordering online, often without knowing they were actually Amy Butler designs until I had put them in my virtual shopping basket.  And they seem to sneak into my quilts on a regular basis, too. I love some of the earlier collections, such as Gypsy Caravan and Midwest Modern, especially the geometrical prints. I was not too keen on Hapi, but her latest line, Glow, is amazing. She said it was inspired by Japanese folk art, which probably explains why I was so taken by it, being such a big Japan fan. 

I know these appearances are all part of her job, but she was really pleasant, and had a kind word for everyone who came to talk to her. That little bit of friendliness and courtesy towards her fans certainly left a lasting impression.