Sneak Peek

I have been very busy recently with our new home, job hunting and running around after two little boys and have not had as much time to blog as I would have liked. BUT...I have been working on several different projects, all of which are in different stages of completion. Here are a few sneak peeks of the works in progress, unironed seams and untrimmed threads and all.

This one is a little quilt for the 2yr old daughter of some good friends of ours. I wanted some child-friendly fabric combined with some cool retro (Amy Butler, of course!) prints to keep it fresh and not too cute.


This one is a "solids only" quilt for my husband. I designed this myself. I started out thinking I would do a blue/grey quilt because those are "his" colours, but I ended up here!


And finally, this one is a little plus pattern quilt for my elder son (3 yrs old). I call it the "Big Bang Blanket" because of its science themed fabric. His dad is a scientist and he seems to be developing that way, too. (the seams are aligned, but not yet pressed so it looks a bit wonky here)