Paper Piecing Blocks - Starting the Quilt

Turning my first paper pieced blocks into a quilt - Part 1

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about trying paper piecing for the first time. I made five little practice blocks from scraps using a Carol Doak template. They were not perfect but they were so colourful and fun that I decided to hang on to them and turn them into a quilt.  

Two of the five p  aper pieced   blocks, framed in white and purple solids (Aug 2013)

Two of the five paper pieced blocks, framed in white and purple solids (Aug 2013)

Because the paper pieced blocks are so colourful and contain so many different patterns, I decided to frame them with 1'' off-white strips (Kona solid in snow, my go-to colour for this kind of thing) to make a cleaner edge. I used the white strips to correct little mistakes in the blocks where the fabric did not go quite to the edge, so each block is a slightly irregular shape. This also gives the blocks a nice improvised look. I then added triangles in purple to make a bigger square block. Here you can see two of the five blocks (not yet squared up).

Triangle blocks made from scraps (Aug 2013)

Triangle blocks made from scraps (Aug 2013)

I only had five paper pieced blocks, each measuring 4'' x 4'', so I needed to make some additional blocks for the quilt. I decided to make triangles from the same scraps used in the paper pieced blocks and add a white border to each.

Here are six of the triangles. I made 15 in total. At this stage I am planning on using 12 triangles in the quilt so having a few extra will give me a bit of flexibility when choosing the pattern / colour combinations.

The paper pieced blocks were made entirely from scraps. The Kona snow fabric was from a bundle of Kona bolt end cuts I bought at eQuilter  and the purple solid is fabric from my stash. I have a pretty clear idea of the design I want to sew and have decided that this quilt will be made entirely from stash and scrap fabric. Stay tuned to find out how the quilt progresses!